Why My Electric Scooter Stop Working? - Common Problems & Solutions



While many of the issues listed below can be fixed without any tools or even at all, be careful.

Finding professional assistance is preferable if you are having trouble because they will take the necessary safety steps and are more likely to notice problems with an electric scooter.


How do I handle my malfunctioning electric scooters?

Maybe we should find out the reason for our electric scooters' strike to get along with them better.

  • Blown or flipped the fuse

Since electric scooters are powered by batteries, they occasionally have trouble starting. If the fuse in the ignition is switched or blown, the scooter may not respond when the fuse is opened.


See if the ignition fuse or the main fuse is flipped.

In that case, turn them back to "on." After then, try to start the car.

If the fuse has blown, you will need to replace it. We always advise consulting a professional if a fuse has blown.


  • Dead battery

Between a battery being low and dead, there are differences. While a dead battery can do nothing, a low battery can still wake up an electric scooter but it won't have enough power to move you.


The best technique to make your scooter work again is to simply turn on the electricity; yes, it needs to be charged.

A dead battery takes longer to revive, thus we always politely advise you to charge your scooter before the battery is dead or low and you need to charge it.

Batteries can lose power and charge over time use, so if one isn't charging, it's probably time to get a new one.


  • Neither acceleration nor a weak one

When you ride an electric scooter, you may notice that it moves very slowly or not at all. You can then attempt this solution.


When you press the throttle, if the scooter hardly moves or doesn't move at all, there can be an issue with the electrical controller or a blown or torn fuse.

The scooter won't move at this moment since the engine is unable to drain the battery of energy.

It may be necessary to take it to a professional for repair because this is a mechanical issue.


  • Underinflated tires

When everything is working properly, including the battery, and you still find it difficult to move forward, you may want to check your tires to see if they are solid.
Undoubtedly, an inflated tire won't be able to transport you effortlessly where you need to go.


To check if there is enough air in your tire, simply squeeze it with your palm.



  • Brake pedal switch

Accidental activation of the brake lever switch is possible occasionally. It's a safety feature that can occasionally fail but also save lives.


The wiring is frequently sloppy. Verify and reattach any loose wires.

If it still doesn't function, you might need to get repairs done by an expert.


Please feel free to contact us if you experience any additional issues when riding an electric scooter.