How to Choose E-scooters for Daily Use?

In general, we have three different scooter types: kick scooters, electric kick scooters, and off-road scooters. Find out which scooter is the greatest for daily use right now.

Due to their greater safety compared to electric scooters, kick scooters are typically used for children. Most riders of electric kick scooters are adults and teenagers.

Some people also use off-road electric scooters, although they do it more for recreation than for daily use because they are a little heavier. For daily use, electric scooters should have the three following characteristics.

1. Speed

Scooters should not be too fast for regular use. The most comfortable speed for commuting or getting around town is between 25 and 35 km/h.

However, if the scooter travels too slowly, you will take a long time to get there and, if you use it to commute to work, you risk being late.

If you only use it for enjoyment, you could prefer an off-road scooter that can go 45 or 55 kilometers per hour.


2. Motor

250, 350, 500, or 800 watts? Which one ought to be picked?

According to me, a 250w motor wouldn't have enough driving power to move an adult, which would result in an extremely slow speed. For regular use, 350w to 500w motors provide adequate, if not particularly powerful, driving power while also keeping you safe.

Off-road scooters, which are larger and heavier, frequently have 800w motors since they require more power.


3. Battery

A scooter's maximum range is in some manner determined by the battery. A scooter should have a battery with a minimum capacity of 6Ah or more to accommodate daily use.

Scooters have 6Ah or 7.5Ah batteries, which have a range of roughly 30km.

If you feel that this is insufficient, there are also 10Ah or 13Ah batteries available, both of which have a minimum range of 40km. Off-road scooters typically use batteries that are 16Ah or higher; while these batteries can travel more than 60km, the price increases as the battery size increases.

Therefore, while ordering a scooter, keep your objective in mind and consider the battery capacity.

Off-road scooters are enjoyable, but do you really need one? Before making a purchase, ask yourself these questions.