How Long can My Electric Scooter Last?

Electric scooters may not be as new as you believe they are on the market. E scooters have been around for a while, but not many people are aware of them or use them on the streets. However, due to their unique qualities and recent legalization in most areas, electric scooters have grown in popularity. Despite your opinions, you could still be interested in learning the lifespan of electric scooters because the majority of people enjoy them while only a small minority dislike them.

Average lifespan 

I can only make approximations on the lifespan of electric scooters because there are so few reports on the subject. Electric scooters that are rented out typically last between one and six months, but private scooters can last up to three years with regular upkeep. So what is the discrepancy due to?

Kugoo electric scooter

Factors cutting the escooter lifespan 

Rental scooters are frequently left outside, rain or shine, which is bad for electric products. Since it is not their personal scooter, most of them are not waterproof, yet people won't pay attention to it. Take a ride regardless.

Another crucial element is temperature. While cold weather hinders the motor's performance, high temperatures harm lithium batteries.

Moreover, dust can be a concern. Rental scooters might not be cleaned for a very long time, which would result in a lot of dust on things like the battery or controller box, harming these components. Shared scooters were frequently damaged because they may be parked anywhere, including on the sidewalk or in the street.

other elements, such as obesity and carelessness also decrease the usage of electric scooters.

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Parts easy to break

  • Tires

Solid tires may seem more practical because they won't go flat, but they cannot deliver a smooth ride. The pneumatic tire, on the other hand, requires occasional replacement but offers a more comfortable ride.

  • Back fender

Stepping on this component acts as the rear brake, making it extremely simple to break when misused.

  • Leading light

We are all aware of how delicate light is. When you're riding, pay closer attention to it to prevent accidents.

  • Brake

The majority of motorcyclists might not be aware that brakes can age. As you use the scooter, the brake pad's lining would deteriorate. The liner typically needs to be replaced after one year or after using it for longer than one year.

  • Battery

When the scooter has one bar remaining, charge it. Avoid waiting until the battery is entirely dead, as this will shorten the battery's life. Additionally, avoid exposing the battery to water because a battery can die from water damage.

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