How to Park Your Electric Scooter in Public (& Where to Park It) | Please Don't

Escooters are a popular choice among commuters because of their extreme portability, lightweight, and ease of use.

However, we have to lock the scooters and leave them there for a while while we travel outside to make a purchase.

Herein is the issue,

Where do you usually leave your electric scooter?

Do other riders and pedestrians find your e-scooter to be a nuisance when you park it?

Where to park your escooter outside?


Ideal location to park a scooter

parking spaces for electric scooters, bike racks, spots closer to the curb, and spots without obstructions like crowds or traffic.


Please don't leave anything where it can obstruct the way of others.

You shouldn't leave your greatest scooter parked in a driveway, sidewalk, or building entrance.


Tips to park your electric scooter outside,

  • Properly secure it

Locate a flat, secure area to park.

DON'T FORGET to park your electric scooter along the wall so it won't obstruct footpaths and to drop the kickstand so it can stand up.

  • Secure the scooters

Your scooter is vulnerable to theft if you leave it outside, even briefly.

Therefore, locking your scooter while parking outside is preferable. The scooters are convenient and lightweight, making them easy targets for theft.

Finding a reliable lock for your scooter is essential. The top 3 locks for your scooter are available here.

Please don't,

  • Do not park near doorways or emergency exits. Scooters should not be parked at emergency exits or entrances since doing so could obstruct the exit and perhaps result in an accident.
  • E-scooters should not be left alone on buses or metro stops because they would obstruct pedestrians or other vehicles.
  • Avoid parking on any private property, including homes and businesses owned by others. Please use the parking lots.
  • Don't leave it lying on the ground, please. It will create a barrier and cause difficulties for others. Place the shared scooters at the designated location as directed.


In short,

In public, always be sure to park electric scooters appropriately.

Place it in one of the appropriate places.

Avoid crowded areas, traffic, and other cars.

When you park properly, you'll not only keep your electric scooter safe but also save money because improper parking might result in fines or other consequences.