The Best Scooter Repair Shop Alternatives

Even when using electric scooters correctly, it can be difficult to prevent unforeseen issues like flat tires.

Not to worry. Here are some alternative methods for you to think about in addition to having your scooter repaired locally.


Where can you have your electric scooter fixed?

Obtain assistance online

We can typically search for solutions on the internet if there is no one nearby who is knowledgeable about fixing electric scooters.

Electric scooter owners and enthusiasts may be found in large numbers on numerous online forums, including ESG, Facebook groups, and Reddit communities.

Simply join the Facebook group or community and ask your query there, and you might be able to get some assistance from the other group members.

How can I locate a good community or group?

In the search box, type the name or model of your scooter. One of our official Facebook groups, KugooKirin Electric Scooter Users, for example, allows members to discuss after-sale issues and share their scooter-related experiences. Of course, you may also make new friends in this community.


Repair on your own

If the electric scooter is well-maintained, we typically run across a few minor issues that we can fix on our own.

Some typical issues include tire replacement, tightening screws that are loose or making noise while driving, charging an electric scooter, etc.

On YouTube, you can easily locate videos that show you how to follow a video step by step.

Kugoo M2 Pro

Go back to the original merchant

It's time to contact your original seller if you purchased your electric scooter through official channels like official websites or trustworthy marketplaces like Amazon.

They often provide warranties ranging from six months to a year or longer. On their website, under "contact us," sellers provide contact details. In most cases, after-sale emails from sellers will be helpful to you.

You only need to provide your order number, a description of the issue, and any pertinent images or videos to the official after-sales team's email address at this point, then wait a few business days.

Additionally, we at KugooKirin provide a trustworthy warranty policy.


Local personal electric vehicle repair shops

In large cities, more and more personal electric vehicle repair businesses are opening up as a result of the popularity of electric scooters.

Search for a repair shop nearby on Google to find out if there is one like it close by.