How Do You Change an Electric Scooter Wheels & Tires

While using our electric scooters, we will inevitably need to replace the tires.

For your reference, here are two videos on replacing the wheels on the KUGOO S1 along with the written instructions below.

Videos for replacing the Kugoo S1's wheels


Steps by step,

To turn off the scooter, long press.
Switch off the power line.
Remove the motor belt's screws while retaining the screws.
After removing the nuts on either side of the wheel using a wrench and keeping the nuts, remove the motor.



Step by steps,

As shown in the video, install the motor.
To turn the nuts on the motor's two sides, use a wrench.
Use a hammer or another object to tap in preparation for installation.
Twist the screws and attach the two motor belts.
Connect the power and motor lines, then finish.


The tires of the majority of kugoo electric scooters may be changed in this manner. Feel free to get in touch with us if it doesn't work.

On the official Kugoo website, you may find a variety of various scooter accessories.


In the upcoming blogs, further technical support will be reported.

Please leave a comment below if you have any additional technical questions concerning your Kugoo scooter, and we'll try to base a blog post on it.