How Should Your Electric Scooter Be Storied for a Long Time?

Many people who use electric scooters will choose other modes of transportation, including public transportation, and leave the scooter at home for two to three months before riding it once more in the spring when the weather starts to warm up. When electric scooters are used at home for two to three months, how should they be stored to maximize their lifespan?


In general, the electric scooter is not used during the winter, but the battery cannot be. The following considerations should be made when storing an electric scooter if it won't be used for a while.


  1. First, clean the electric scooter.

You will of course clean your electric scooter as it becomes dirty from traveling through mud or dusty or sandy terrain. If your electric scooter is clean, what then? Should we clean it still?

Nevertheless, we advise cleaning it.

This is a simple spot to ignore because dust and other debris may collect in some components of your gadget.

Of fact, all that's required is a quick towel wipedown, paying particular attention to the under-deck parts. Not too much of a hassle, right?

By doing this, you'll also get a chance to check your electric scooter for any damage from the previous ride.


  1. Never keep it in a powerless state.

Many people may not be accustomed to utilizing toy electric scooters that require manual charging.

We advise you to keep your battery charged, even if you won't be using it for a while. Because a battery's capacity and performance are directly impacted by how long it is left uncharged. To keep the battery in good shape when it is not in use, it should be charged once a month. At the very least once every month, make sure you charge it to 50%. If you plan to use it the following day, charging it completely will work.


   3. Control the charging time

For long-term storage, it is advisable to charge electric scooters once a month. Riders of electric scooters should have a clear understanding of the charging time so they can charge them by the instructions.

Many riders mistakenly believe that the longer the charging period, the more power the battery will have. However, prolonged overcharging can cause battery deformation, water loss, and other issues that directly jeopardize the battery's lifespan.


  1. Use electric scooter bags

It is advised to store the electric scooter after cleaning it by putting it up in an electric scooter bag. You'll feel relieved when you use the electric scooter once again because you might forget to do it to avoid dust, rain, etc. It's still brand new, so there's no need to clean it more.


  1. Dry & ventilated environment

If the battery won't be used for a while, it should be taken out of the device and kept somewhere cold and dry; the garage is a good choice. Avoid low humidity and temperatures, take precautions to keep the battery dry, and avoid putting it in high pressure, microwave, or other conditions.


  1. Check regularly

After storing, if you use the electric scooter and find that the range has significantly decreased, at least one of the batteries in the battery pack likely has a broken cell, softening of the polar plate, the active material of the polar plate has come off, and other short-circuit phenomena. You should go to a professional battery repair facility right away to have the group checked, repaired, or replaced so that the battery life can be prolonged.


  1. Use the key to lock up

Even if you keep your electric scooter inside your house, you should still lock it with an external lock for added security and protection. For instance, cable locks, U-locks, D-locks, heavy-duty chains, etc.

Additionally, this will eliminate the risk of small children sneaking out to ride at home. Of course, you should think about yourself; this is just another reminder.



Final Tips

The battery can be thought of as the "heart" of the electric scooter, and its condition directly affects how well it performs overall. Battery care is particularly crucial during the winter. To keep the battery in good shape, don't forget to charge it at least once every month.

Check the tires as well, particularly if they are pneumatic.

Your electric scooter's lifespan will be prolonged and your investment will be more valuable if you take proper care of it.