How to Ride an Electric Scooter for Beginners?

Read the manual

Before you get on your electric scooter, make sure to read the manual that comes with it. It’s important to know how to operate it safely and correctly.

Being familiar with your scooter's operations can save you many problems.  


Put on protective gear

Always wear a helmet and other appropriate safety gear when riding an electric scooter.  Make sure you have the right protective gear, such as a helmet to protect your head and appropriate clothing for a comfortable ride. You can put on a reflective jacket at night for more safety. 

 how to ride an electric scooter

Get familiar with the controls

Before you get on the scooter, get familiar with the controls. This includes the throttle, brakes, and other features. Familiarize yourself with the basics of riding, such as how to start and stop, how to turn, and how to shift gears.


Start slowly

When youre ready to ride, start off slow to get a feel for how the scooter handles.

Be patient. Learning to ride takes time, so dont get frustrated if you dont get it right away.



Practice riding your scooter in a safe place until you’re comfortable with the controls and handling. If you can find a friend to ride with you. It’s always safer to ride with someone else, so you can help each other if something goes wrong.


Follow the rules

Make sure to follow all local laws and regulations when riding your electric scooter. Pay attention to your surroundings. Always be aware of other vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles on the road.



Have fun

Once youve gotten the hang of it, have fun and enjoy your ride