How to Prevent Theft of Your Electric Adult Scooter

Due to their convenience and lightweight for daily commuters, electric adult scooters are growing in popularity in major cities.

But because of its portability and lightweight, it is regularly stolen. Here are six suggestions to keep your scooter secure both inside and outside.


Tip 1: buy a reliable lock.

The good news is that even though electric scooters are simple to steal, we can stop scooter theft by using auto locks.
Your electric scooter can be partially protected by a sturdy and useful car lock. Don't forget to lock the scooter to the bike rack.

There are many different kinds of locks on the market. Let's look at it.



The U-shaped lock is growing in popularity because of its durability and security. You'll need pliers or power equipment to unlock this U-lock. The electric scooter can usually be left outside during the day using the U-shaped lock without any issues. The main drawbacks are that it isn't very flexible and that it sometimes weighs a little more than other locks because of how sturdy the material is. Additionally, if your electric scooter cannot install a U-lock, it might not be the best choice for you.


Chain Lock

The U-lock can be replaced with a chain lock or any high-security lock.
Though equally foolish as the U-shaped lock, the chain lock is more flexible. Two tough-to-cut chain locks can be used to lock the tires.
The chain and padlock are the two components that make up a chain lock. To enhance the performance of the protection, keep in mind to choose a chain with an explanation.


Folding Lock 

Folding locks are becoming more and more common among individuals due to their portability and simplicity of usage. It locks your electric scooter properly and can be folded into any shape.
When this happens, the lock is weak and is readily cut off. It should only be used in places with low rates of theft because of this.


Disc Lock

Transporting the disc lock is simpler than the other two locks. a whole deal lighter. To make operating simpler and safer, use the disc lock on the back wheel.
The way it locks, though, makes it simple for a burglar to lift and take your e-scooter. Therefore, chain locks or disc locks with U-shaped locks are advised.


Cable Lock

Because they are more versatile than other types of locks, cable locks are also very common. However, only high-crime regions are advised to utilize it. With a pair of wire cutters, a cable lock can be destroyed in a matter of seconds.
It might work with other powerful locks, such as U-locks and chain locks. Give your electric scooter two security features to deter theft.

Cable locks, folding locks, and even disc locks can do if you store electric scooters in low-theft locations like business parks, neighborhoods, and college campuses.
If you park your electric scooter on the road while riding, we advise utilizing U-shaped locks, chain locks, and other powerful locks to keep it secure.


Tip 2: Always lock your electric scooter.

Parking outside the door only takes a short while, even if you merely stop at the neighborhood convenience shop to pick up some food. Take a moment to lock your electric scooter as well, don't forget.
The thief can simply ride away on the electric scooter if you turn around. This won't function.

Tip 3: Install a burglar alarm 

The anti-theft alarm emits a loud noise to warn people about theft and prevent thieves when it senses that your electric scooter is being taken.

Because they grab the attention of the crowd and prevent the thief from stealing the scooter covertly, these sirens are highly useful in busy situations.


Tip 4: Find a Space to Park Your Electric Scooter That Is Appropriate

You can quickly locate bike racks that are perfect for parking electric scooters and have a high level of security, as well as places to park shared electric scooters.
Normally, your electric scooter can spend time there safely if you park in those spots and keep them locked up.
Remember to secure the lock to the electric scooter by threading it through the frame.
You may see the types of automobile locks that other people purchase as well as how they lock them by looking at the locks others acquire. Thus, it is possible to estimate the area's theft rate.
If they have sturdy heavy-duty locks, you should buy sturdy locks as well.


Tip 5: Select a key-operated electric scooter.

A key is included with an electric scooter; without the key, the scooter won't start. Then, burglars will steal electric scooters that can be started without a key.


Tip 6: Increase awareness of theft prevention.

Even if it is parked in your yard, don't forget to lock it. Install a fixed item in your yard, such as a bicycle rack, if you can, and lock the scooter to it.


Final Thoughts,

Keeping your electric adult scooter should not be an issue if you take the proper procedures to keep it safe while parked.
A common lock can be helpful if you reside in an area where thefts are not common.

You should now be able to take action and enjoy this practical and eco-friendly means of transportation after reading this article's advice on how to protect your scooter.