How to Maintain Your Electric Scooter

It just won't start, what's wrong with my electric scooter?

Have you ever encountered something that makes using your scooter difficult or impossible?

Regular maintenance can help to prevent such annoyances and increase the lifespan of your electric scooter.

You should understand a few things about riding and connecting to the scooter itself before servicing your scooter.

Quick tips

Avoid using it when it's raining.
Even though the e-scooter has an IP 54 rating for waterproofness, you shouldn't use it on rainy days for your safety.

Attempt to keep it tidy
In addition to making your e-scooter look better, cleaning it removes particles from the wheel to prevent riding issues.

Regularly recharge your scooter
Regular charging helps the battery life of your scooter.

Review everything to be sure.
Verify that the foot support is set properly or that the standing pole is locked in place. to prevent unneeded breakage or damage to your scooter's pocket as well.


Tire maintenance~

Therefore, it is difficult to avoid discussing tire pressure because choosing the right tire pressure has a significant impact on your journey. Additionally, it is not advised to always maintain your tire inflated to the recommended level because this is a myth.


Don't put more pressure on the tires than recommended by the instructions.

You should therefore check your tires' recommended pressure.

Perhaps you said that in which case I should merely maintain secure low tire pressure.

Aha, lower-than-recommended pressure can cause you some trouble.

Taking a snail's pace;

Your battery drains more rapidly;

Your wheels are being damaged, etc.


How could I increase the pressure in my tires?

That's possible that it wouldn't be a wise choice either.

Due to the scooter's fast acceleration and uncomfortable riding experience, you could fall off.
It can occasionally be risky to make directional changes or to ascend and descend, etc.

Give your scooter's tires the correct pressure, then.

How can I tell if a tire is safe to pump?

Many people rely on the impression,

If it becomes too difficult to pump air into your tires anymore, use the air cannon to finish the job.
If the tire is essentially undamaged when you tap it with your hand, everything is fine.


How to maintain the battery?

We have some ideas for you.

  • When storing your scooter, please keep half of the charge.

If you are not going to ride your electric scooter for several days, two key factors can affect its overall operation: the ambient temperature and the percentage of the battery that is charged before it is disconnected for storage.

As a result, we recommend the following.

(1) The battery should only be charged to around 50%, neither fully charged nor discharged. The battery may become profoundly exhausted if the device is kept fully discharged, which would prevent it from being recharged.

On the other hand, if you keep a fully charged smartphone in storage for a long period, the battery life may be reduced due to capacity loss.


(2) Place the device in a dry, cold location with a preferred temperature of less than 35 °C (95 °F).


(3) It is advisable to obtain a deep discharge once a month if you want to store the equipment for a month or longer.


  • Avoid often replacing the charger.

Each manufacturer of electric balance scooters has unique specifications for chargers, and every charger will have a separate input for each type of battery.


If the required range is extensive, you will need to equip two chargers for off-site charging, using a second backup charger during the day and the primary charger at night.


Some cars can go faster if the speed limit is removed from the controller, although doing so compromises the vehicle's safety and shortens the battery life.


  • Avoid very hot or very cold temperatures.

Normal electric scooters can operate effectively in a wide variety of outside temperatures, but the recommended temperature range for the best battery performance is between 16°C and 22°C.

The battery should be kept away from areas where the ambient temperature is higher than 35°C (95°F) since this could harm the battery's capacity.


In this situation, even after being fully charged, your battery is no longer able to keep your device running for an extended period.


When charging in a hot setting, your device may become even more damaged. Even keeping the battery in a hot environment could harm it beyond repair.


Final words

Applying all the guidelines and ideas for better e-scooter maintenance may take you an hour, but the upside is that you'll feel good knowing the scooter is kept in tip-top shape and you may ride whenever and wherever you like.


Therefore, look after your top electric scooter.


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