How to Lock an Electric Scooter? | 3 Best Scooter Locks for You

Your electric scooter must be locked safely at all times and in all places.

Since purchasing an e-scooter is a wise investment, no one will go looking for their lost scooter.

Here are 3 different kinds of locks for e-scooters. Let's look at it.

1. D Lock

pic 1

The D lock, by which I mean the lock in Picture 1, is a lock with a D-shaped keyhole.

D lock is the first suggestion for you guys since we all choose locks, strong locks that can best protect our e-scooters.

You might give this one a shot if you plan to spend a lot of time locked in an outdoor location.

When locking your scooter, make sure the shackle passes through the folding arm that is located between the stem and the deck.

In many cities, it is simple to locate a steel bike rack where a D lock can be locked.


2. Z  Lock


Due to its size and weight, the Z lock is more convenient and portable than the D lock. However, it is still hard and difficult to cut.

When you are going to purchase a coffee and leave your scooter for a while, the Z lock is appropriate for short-term locking.

You can lock your scooter by changing the tension, as shown in image 2—the scooter is locked tightly and secured.


3. Home Lock

pic 3

Even inside your home, it is preferable to secure your scooter.
We could lock your scooter inside your home using a D lock and a ground or wall anchor.

By locating a sturdy fixing point, it is simple to mount the block anchor on the wall or the ground. Finally, just lock your greatest scooter using the D lock.


Thank you for reading, and I hope these are truly helpful.