How to Choose Electric Scooter for Kids

The ideal option is to allow your children to enjoy outdoor activities without spending a lot of money on electric scooters for kids. The only difference between an electric scooter for kids and a regular kick scooter is an additional engine and battery. And it functions in the same way as adult-sized electric scooters.

Since electric scooters for kids are often built for fun and have modest top speeds and limited ranges, you don't need to worry about their safety.


Why is it important for youngsters to choose an electric scooter?

For your youngster, not all electric scooters are appropriate. It is crucial to select an electric scooter that is within the loading weight range because every child is different in terms of weight. If so, your kids will have less fun while they are riding.

Different kids have different requirements for the length of the ride. As a result, paying attention to your children's riding requirements can also aid in your selection of the ideal scooter toy for them. As a result, it can better satiate children's happiness.


So, how do we choose the right electric scooter for our children?


How do choose electric scooters for kids? 

Things to think about before buying your kids an electric scooter

What are the combined maximum weight of your child and the scooter?

Find a scooter that can carry your children's weight plus a bit extra.

The majority of children's electric scooters can support up to 120 pounds. The weight limit for carrying a schoolbag at this time can easily be exceeded if your youngster weighs close to 120 pounds.

Therefore, we ought to pick an electric scooter that can carry more weight than the weight of our children.

It is highly unsafe to ride an electric scooter while overweight.

The Kugoo Kirin Mini 2 is an electric scooter made specifically for kids by KugooKirin. It is presently exclusively sold in Europe and has a maximum loading capacity of 143 pounds.


How far and how quickly can children's electric scooters travel?

Electric scooters made for children often have a top speed of only 9 mph (15 kph). Some children's electric scooters even have a non-zero start, meaning that the throttle can only be engaged after kicking the scooter to make it slide. These safety measures not only help to guarantee that children are riding safely, but they also make it simpler for some shy kids to learn how to use and enjoy the excitement of electric scooters.

Children's electric scooters often have smaller, lighter batteries and a shorter riding range. The Kugoo Kirin Mini 2 has a 6.2-mile maximum riding range (10km). Even though it's not a far trip, a full charge (4-5 hours) enables your child to ride and play anywhere they like close by.


The assembling and storing of children's electric scooters

Electric scooters for children are typically fairly easy to assemble. You only need to unfold the electric scooter after it has been delivered, undo the screws holding the pole in place, and then pump up the tire to the recommended pressure.

The electric scooter must then be fully charged before being used outside.

Electric scooters for children are lightweight and small in size. They won't take up much space while stored at home, and kids are free to use and transport the electric scooter conveniently because they are simple to fold up and fit in the vehicle trunk for taking out to play.



The majority of children's electric scooters don't cost more than $300. The cost of electric scooters for children is typically not high because their layout is not as advanced as that of adult electric scooters. So you could also be able to find a good children's scooter for less than $200.


Safety riding tips for kids

Verify the electric scooter's functionality.

Before each time the youngster uses the electric scooter to travel outside, make sure to allow them to test the scooter's various components, including the brakes, accelerators, tires, etc. Even if it only takes a few minutes, each ride inspection can help to remove more potential dangers.


Helmet use is mandatory.

Even though children's electric scooters have much slower top speeds than adult electric scooters, helmet use is still advised. Falling is a risk when walking, jogging, and even playing, not to mention falling off an electric scooter that is moving. It is crucial to implement the most fundamental safety precautions.

Of course, you can also purchase additional knee and elbow pads for your child to provide them with numerous layers of protection. Reflective pads make it possible for your kid to ride more safely at night.


Keep your buddies from using electric scooters.

The electric scooter will tip over if one more person is using it.

Regardless of how much fun your child has with friends, make sure to remind him not to let their foot on the pedals and share the happiness.


Do not dangle objects from the handlebars.

After school, it may become a habit for your child to hang clothing or other items from the handlebars. This can quickly tip the scooter off balance and make riding risky. Objects hanging from the handlebars, like clothing, are also prone to catching on the wheels.

Ride in a reputable location.

When they acquire new electric scooters, most kids are so thrilled that they want to ride them everywhere. However, your kids should not ride on crowded sidewalks or in driveways with a lot of traffic.

Parents can decide whether to place their children in a safe neighborhood or on a roadway with more bike lanes than cars. Park is also a better choice.


Frequently asked questions about electric scooters for kids

Are kids' electric scooters worth it?

Kids over the age of eight can often use electric scooters. It would be wiser to get kick scooters for your children to play with if they are younger than eight. Kids' electric scooters are made at lower speeds, so there is no need to worry about speed safety. If they are well-equipped and get more outdoor exercise, your kids will have more fun!


What size of electric scooter do kids need?

Person Height

Approx. Agrecommended

Recommended Scooter Height

126-138 cm

7-9 yr

65-79 cm

138-149 cm

9-11 yr

75-80 cm

149-160 cm

11-13 yr

75-85 cm

160-172 cm

13-15 yr

78-85 cm

Over 172 cm

15+ yr

79+ cm

Can a child who is 11 use an electric scooter?

Kids can ride electric scooters because they are secure and entertaining. The top speed for children's electric scooters increased from 6 mph to 15 mph. Since the majority of children's electric scooters only have one speed between 6 and 15 mph. Most 11-year-old children will be OK traveling at 10 mph.



When selecting an electric scooter for children, there are a few considerations to make. Take into account the child's age and weight first. Second, consider the speed and range your children desire. Third, choose a lightweight, portable, electric scooter for kids. Finally, create a budget. Additionally, read reviews to obtain a sense of the product's caliber and customers' contentment. You'll be sure to get the ideal electric scooter for kids if you keep these things in mind!