Buying Advice for Parents on How to Select Electric Scooters for Your Children

  • When is a child ready for an electric scooter?
    We advise that youngsters use electric scooters with a maximum weight limit of 80kg or 60kg for children 8 and older for safety reasons. This is so that they can securely manage the scooter due to their improved motor skills and sense of surroundings at this age.


  • Kids using an electric scooter: Do they require a license?
    The typical range for a child's ability to operate an electric scooter is 11 to 18 years old; however, each state and city has its regulations. In many states, a driver must have a current license or learner's permit to operate a vehicle.

Selection tips

  • Purchase a scooter that kids may use for play.

Parents should select the appropriate product by the child's actual age and weight because different scooter structures require different balance skills. Be based on the child's physical skills, including their ability to control their balance and other movements.

(1) Consumers should become more knowledgeable about the products of different companies, compare them, and choose the ones with the features, functionalities, and other characteristics they want.

(2) It is advised to select the more well-known national or worldwide brands, or from the authority, to select the quality of goods released by the supervision of information on the higher brand pass rate. KUGOO MINI 2, as an illustration.

(3) When choosing products, pay attention to the packing first. Try to choose better packaging with clear printing, model specs, the manufacturer name, and the factory address. Second, consider the appearance of good, high-quality materials, which are typically vibrant and vivid.

  • Read the product's guidelines and labels thoroughly.

Parents should take extra precautions and thoroughly read the package's warnings and usage directions.


Tips for use

  • Before Riding

(1) The proper protection gear, such as helmets, gloves, knee and elbow pads, athletic shoes, etc., should be worn.

(2) Parents should instruct kids to get off the scooter as soon as they lose their balance rather than jumping on it.

(3) Parents should always be aware of their children, the person in front of them, and the environment so that youngsters riding scooters don't lose control and hurt themselves or someone else.

  •  Maintenance

(1) Before each usage, ensure that all parts are securely fastened and that the screws, locking mechanisms, etc. are reliable and functional.

(2) Continually check to see if the pedal is functioning properly and if any parts are worn out.

(3) It is recommended to lightly wipe the handle, pedal, and wheel with a moist cloth after usage.

  • Riding

(1) Use the scooter in a proper and safe location; do not use it on roads, hills, or another hazardous terrain.

(2) Scooters shouldn't be utilized in crowded areas like sidewalks or shopping centers due to their size and speed.