Practical E-Scooters for Your Men This Christmas: Holiday Gift Guide 2021

The KUGOO KIRIN M4 Pro, KUGOO S1 Pro, KUGOO G2 Pro, KUGOO KIRIN G1, KUGOO S1, KUGOO KIRIN S2, RND F14 Mini, and KUGOO KIRIN Mini 2 are the top Christmas presents for men.

Christmas will be here soon! Everyone is preparing to buy Christmas presents for their loved ones.

Do you have trouble deciding what to get your brother, boyfriend, or husband?

Picking a thoughtful present for a man might indeed be difficult for us. Men are more likely to purchase necessities. Therefore, why not give him an e-scooter?

We're sure that no man would reject a fantastic electric scooter!

Below is a list that we've created to help you choose the best scooter.

For busy executive - KUGOO G2 Pro

Being sleek, lovely, and attentively made, it is a great option for folks who are often on the run.

There are traffic lights in the Central Business District every 50 meters, so don't worry. Riding an e-scooter like the Kugoo G2 Pro eliminates traffic and traffic signals, saves time, and is enjoyable!


For the commuters - KUGOO S1 Pro

It weighs only 11 kg, is portable, and can be folded up like a cart. Portability is crucial for commuters.
It may be folded at any moment during rush hour to travel on trains, subways, or buses without bothering other passengers. It has a compact footprint and folds in two simple steps.

Solid honeycomb explosion-proof tires save you time and worry by eliminating the need to change tires every few months or deal with flats. Additionally, the honeycomb tires provide maximum riding comfort by absorbing less shock.

For he is not willing to walk to the hawker center - RND F14 Mini

Yes, you are familiar with him. There is always someone pleading with you to bring food home to fill his growling stomach.

Maybe you should let him go so he can get some food. RHD F14 Mini is a fantastic scooter for those who are lazy. Instead of a hot and tiresome 15-minute walk, you can obtain what you want in a refreshing 2-minute ride.

The smallest electric scooter, the RHD F14 Mini, weighs 8.9 kg and is approved by Kugoo (USA). easier to roll along or carry with little effort. Got it!


For college students - KUGOO KIRIN S2

Moving from dorm to classroom or from one classroom to another when attending a large university drives us crazy, especially in the summer. Hot.

However, most people find it difficult to park their cars and cannot afford them, therefore an adult scooter could be helpful.

The Kugoo Kirin S2 is ideally suited for college students because it is strong enough to climb any computing slopes, has sufficient range to travel far, and is portable enough to use on public transportation. (11.22kg)

The simple folding method of the Escooter takes up less room in your classroom.


Find the greatest electric scooter for your man, then surprise him on Christmas Day.