Everything You Need to Know About Electric Scooter Seat Suspension

Most people focus more on factors like motor power, battery capacity, maximum range, maximum speed, etc. when selecting an electric scooter. Many people will overlook the electric scooter's suspension feature, but whether it is present or not, you will be able to tell the difference when riding one.


What is the suspension of an electric scooter?

The suspension system of an electric scooter is a component of the scooter itself. It helps with road-handling and overall ride quality. The suspension softens the impact of riding over the unlevel ground, improving rider comfort. You'll be able to handle the ride better as a result, and you won't have a choppy ride on uneven roads.



Why does the suspension matter?

It's important to consider the suspension while purchasing an electric scooter.

For example, the road where you regularly cycle is rocky and uneven.

The suspension then becomes a crucial role.

The suspension of an electric scooter is comparable to that of a motorbike in that it has a component that can withstand the shock of the road. As a result, even on uneven roads with few bumps, you can keep control of the scooter.

In conclusion, a suspension-equipped electric scooter may give you a smooth, pleasant, and delightful ride.

Types of suspension

  1. Spring Suspension

While biking, a spring suspension helps ease the jolts. The coil glides up and down when you encounter a bump, lessening the impact.


  1. Hydraulic suspension

Hydraulic suspension is among the best suspensions for electric scooters. Electric scooters with this suspension are often high-end and pricey as a result.

The hydraulic suspension mechanism of the scooter uses fluids to lubricate the ride when it encounters a bump. The hydraulic actuator fills with fluids when the scooter encounters a bump, enabling it to expand and press on the parts. It can react swiftly in comparison to other suspension systems, enabling a stronger ride.

Hydraulic suspension can be the ideal choice if stability and comfort are important to you when riding a scooter.


  1. Rubber suspension

Because of its inherent support, suppleness, and malleability, rubber suspension effectively absorbs impact.

Vibration, road noise, and even the scooter's weight will all decrease if you choose an electric scooter with rubber suspension.


How to maintain the suspension of an electric scooter?

Since everyone is aware of how crucial an electric scooter's suspension is, maintaining it properly can increase the lifespan of your scooter.

Here are two easy methods we may use to suspend electric scooters.


  • Lubricate the shock absorber

Make sure you oil the shock absorber.
The majority of the impact is absorbed by the shock absorber, a crucial part of the suspension.

The shock absorber rises and falls as you ride over bumps or over difficult terrain to lessen the impact of the road. Keep in mind to occasionally lubricate it if you want it to be smooth.

Damage to the suspension could result from non-lubrication, even though the shock absorber doesn't need it.


  • Adjust the screws of the suspension

The suspension's parts are joined via screws. You should check the screws if the suspension is too noisy, tight, or either.

The suspension should be just right—not too loose or tight. Make the screws as tight as you like.

The suspension will become excessively stiff and stop working properly for your ride if you tighten it.

If it is too slack, you can hardly feel the suspension.

The suspension performs better on rides if it is always kept in good shape.



The suspension of the electric scooter allows it to ride more smoothly and comfortably while better absorbing road impact. When looking for a new electric scooter, consider the type and whether it has suspension.

Your electric scooter's lifespan can be considerably increased with routine suspension maintenance.