Better Electric Scooter Riding Experience with KUGOO Storage Bag

On the one hand, having something hanging from the e-handle scooter's can make it unstable because it can only support heavy objects on one side. On the other side, it might interfere with your riding and make it less comfortable.

DO NOT STRESS! The scooter storage bag we have for sale is the ideal solution for your issue.

Your ideal riding partner

Scooter Storage Bag, starting from $32.99! 

And compatible with Multiple Models!

High Capacity

It is a storage bag designed for scooters, and with 2 sizes( Weight:2L -175 g; 3L - 250 g), largely meets your needs for commuting. 

Waterproof Storage Bag

There is no need to worry about getting your belongings wet or being caught in the rain while riding because the storage is waterproof with an additional waterproof zipper.

More details about Scooter Storage Bag

Get a Scooter Storage Bag with so many benefits,

Hard shell protection,

Extremely light,

Resistance to falling,


Mesh Compartment Design


So, what are you waiting for?