Adult Electric Scooter Buying Guide - How to Choose an E-scooter?

Without a doubt. Electric scooters are a practical and enjoyable mode of transportation. Then, if you're interested in purchasing a scooter, I have a question for you: how can I select a good electric scooter that suits my needs?

To assist you in making your choice, we have put together this beginner's electric scooter buying guide.

Things to think about when purchasing an electric scooter

  • Design

You are immediately drawn to an electric scooter by its appearance, right?

Choosing an attractive electric scooter that suits your riding requirements is not difficult.

With a 500w motor, the KUGOO KIRIN M4 Pro foldable electric scooter boasts a beautiful appearance, a maximum range of 40 miles, 3-speed settings, and a top speed of 28 mph. Additionally, it has shock-absorbing pneumatic tires and a removable seat, making it a really pleasant and liberating ride for you.

  • Weight

The scooter's weight is a crucial feature to take into account when selecting an electric scooter. If an electric scooter is excessively hefty, it won't be simple to handle and will instead be a hassle.

KUGOO electric scooters, which range in weight from 8.9 to 23.5 lbs, are light enough for an adult to carry when folded. If you are a little bit heavier than the electric scooter's maximum weight limit, that is acceptable.

  • Battery

Your riding experience will also be impacted by the battery capacity. Your e-scooter will, of course, have more power and a longer range with a larger capacity battery.

  • Maximum Speed

What is your desired riding speed? Some riders are pure speed freaks that aim for really high speeds to get the best possible ride. Others merely require an electric scooter capable of keeping up with the pace of their everyday trip.

Consider the KUGOO G2 Pro foldable electric scooter if you need quick speed; it has a top speed of 31 mph.

  • Motor Power

You should select an electric scooter with at least 250W of power, which will enable you to navigate both flat terrain and slopes.

But while climbing steep hills, even a 500W motor will slow down.

  • Lighting

You need front and rear lights with enough nighttime lighting to keep you safe. If the light on the electric scooter itself is not bright enough, you can also purchase an additional light.

  • Brakes

For electric scooters, a variety of braking types are available.

electrical brakes

A foot brake

Brake drums

brake discs
The most reliable and efficient brakes are disc brakes, however, they are typically more expensive.

  • Tires

Pneumatic or solid tires are standard on electric scooters. There are benefits and drawbacks to both tire types. Although they require more maintenance, pneumatic tires are good at absorbing shock. However, solid tires are generally free from issues like flat tires, but they do not offer as excellent shock absorption as pneumatic tires.

The KUGOO S1 Pro has sturdy tires, but they also have a shock-absorbing honeycomb design, allowing you to ride comfortably without being concerned about the possibility of a flat or leaking tire.

  • Price

Electric scooters come in a wide price range, and the more expensive models typically have better quality. But all we have to do is choose an electric scooter that fits into our price range. It does not rule out the possibility of excellent midrange scooters.

  • Warranty

Some electric scooters do not include a warranty. As a result, it's crucial to inquire about the electric scooter's warranty at the time of purchase, including what it covers.


So, where can I buy an electric scooter?

Okay, you can get electric scooters online or from scooter shops.

On our KUGOO official website, you may also select a scooter.

For kids and adults, we have a large selection of foldable electric scooters that are both beautiful and functional, with or without seats.

Please visit the KUGOO official website to find your electric scooter for more information.