7 Things to Think About When Choosing an Adult Electric Scooter

The pandemic's longevity and rising petrol prices may be what's causing the explosive growth of electric scooters. Due to their affordability and ease, electric scooters become a more popular option for daily commuting.


Importance to choose a suitable electric scooter for adults

There are numerous things to think about while purchasing an electric scooter. It is not as inexpensive as a typical scooter, but it doesn't need much thought. Everyone who purchases an electric scooter does so for a different reason. Others only require one for off-road enjoyment, while some purchase one to satisfy their daily transportation demands. No one wants to purchase an electric scooter hurriedly, regardless of the reason; doing so would make their future riding more inconvenient and even incur additional maintenance expenditures.



How to choose an adult electric scooter that suits you most?

Clarify your purchase purpose

Even though it might seem like a minor point, it's the one we should focus on initially.

If you're buying an electric scooter to use for commuting, you need to think about the conditions you'll be riding in each day and select one that will accommodate your needs.

If you're buying an all-terrain electric scooter for off-road use, you may want to consider what kind is best for your needs.


7 Factors to Consider

We can consider these elements while buying an electric scooter and select a model that best matches our requirements.


  • Loading Weight

You should first check the specification sheet to rapidly determine the load-bearing range of the electric scooter you are considering to see if it will satisfy your demands. The riding condition will be significantly lowered if your weight is significantly greater than this electric scooter's load-bearing capacity. You may not be able to reach the top speed or maximum mileage, and you may even cause significant bodily harm. You can scarcely achieve the perfect riding condition listed on the spec sheet.


  •  Top Range & Speed

Use the specification sheet to rapidly evaluate the load-bearing range of this electric scooter to see if it matches your demands before choosing one. If your weight is greater than the load capacity of this electric scooter, the riding condition will be significantly lowered.

You might not be able to reach the top speed and distance, and you can even end up doing serious bodily harm. You can scarcely obtain the ideal riding conditions listed on the spec sheet.

If you are not purchasing an off-road model, we advise against getting a monster-speed electric scooter. Most electric scooters can go up to 20 to 30 mph, which is dangerous and can be against the law in some places. Purchasing an electric scooter that satisfies your requirements for riding speed is the best method to guarantee that you are doing so.

  • Tires

Tires play a significant role in our riding experience because they are the only component of an electric scooter that touches the ground. For electric scooters, solid tires and pneumatic tires are also available, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Pneumatic tires are constructed of highly elastic, wear-resistant PU rubber, which can provide better shock absorption for a more comfortable ride. However, if you have a flat tire, you could have to spend more time and money.

One obvious advantage of solid tires is that you never have to be concerned about the possibility of a puncture and you don't have to spend a lot of money on tire maintenance. Solid tires' capacity to absorb shock, however, falls short of that of pneumatic tires.

We nevertheless advise that you consider pneumatic tires even if your riding circumstances are not great, with lots of potholes and gravel roads.

All-terrain pneumatic tires are, of course, preferred by those seeking an adult e-scooter for off-road use because they can substantially satisfy all of your adventure needs.


  • Scooter Weight

The weight of the scooter is a component that must be taken into account if you plan to use it for daily commuting because it has a significant impact on how you commute.

We inevitably need to fold the electric scooter several times, bring it on public transportation, or even carry it to the office to find a spot to store it as a commuting tool to complete the last mile.

You must therefore select an electric scooter with the proper weight because a scooter that is too heavy will make commuting more uncomfortable and a scooter that is too light would make riding uncomfortable.

High-end electric scooters typically weigh more than average models, which typically weigh between 10 and 30 kg. You just need to carefully evaluate the electric scooter that can satisfy your riding needs; you don't have to purchase a high-end model.

Perhaps the scooter's weight is not the most crucial consideration when buying an off-road electric scooter. You should think about the motor power, top speed, top mileage, battery capacity, tires, etc. while buying an off-road scooter.


  • Foldable function

For individuals who need to commute, this is extremely crucial.

As a result of the scooter's foldable design, there is a significantly lower chance of an electric scooter being stolen because you can easily fold it and transport it to the bus or subway without taking up too much room or bothering other passengers. You can even transport the scooter to a corner of the office for storage. Even with a strong lock, there is still a chance of losing something.

  • Brake

A powerful braking system can more effectively guarantee your riding safety on electric scooters traveling at high speeds.

Electric, foot, drum, and disc brakes are the four primary types of brakes found on e-scooters. The most dependable braking force comes from disc brakes, but electric brakes offer maintenance-free regenerative braking.

Of course, different electric scooter layouts have varied braking systems as well.

Typically, electric scooters have two braking systems so that if one of them fails, the other one will keep you and other riders safe.


  • Motor

Brushless DC motors are found in the wheels of the majority of scooters on the market. Generally speaking, you can ride quicker the more power the motor has.

The minimum motor power for adult electric scooters is 250 watts, which can handle riding on both flat and steep roads. A 400-500W motor is also adequate if you frequently need to ride harder slopes. You may wish to think about an electric scooter with a 1000W motor if you want to pursue an off-road swift ride.

You can also take battery capacity, suspension system, and other things into account in addition to these seven. You can generally expect better shock absorption and a better riding experience with electric scooters with suspension systems.


Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Scooters For Adults

Does purchasing an adult electric scooter make sense?

Buying an electric scooter will be less expensive than renting one if you require one for everyday commuting. Additionally, you can alter the electric scooter's appearance yourself. For your protection, always wear a helmet.


Which wattage works best for an electric scooter?

In general, if you're an adult of average weight, you should choose a scooter with at least 500 watts of power, which can easily manage the majority of riding terrain. However, a scooter with a lower motor, such as a 250W model, can also allow you to ride over flat ground or slight inclines.


Are 250W sufficient for the scooter?

Adult electric scooters begin with 250W of power. The most affordable portable electric scooters contain these. Your top speed will be 25 km or less. Its little motor makes it lightweight and portable.


How long do the batteries in an electric scooter last?

Two to four years.

Depending on storage, usage conditions, and battery capacity, electric scooter batteries can last anywhere from 2 to 4 years and 3000 to 5000 kilometers. The battery life will be reduced if you use your scooter more frequently or if you store it inappropriately.


On a full charge, how far can an electric scooter travel?

10-80 miles.

However, in general, most electric scooters can travel between 10 and 80 miles on a single charge (depending on the battery, weight, and other inherent characteristics). Remember that it depends on the kind of electric scooter you purchase.


Final Thoughts

Choosing to purchase an adult electric scooter requires considerable thought. Clarify your reasons for buying and riding before selecting an adult electric scooter that best matches your demands based on the aforementioned aspects in conjunction with your actual riding requirements. I think you'll find the ideal adult electric scooter.